The Brist API allows you to add sponsored listings to your marketplace, while handling all the behind-the-scenes work required to make this happen. Brist works with your existing search system (Elastic, Algolia, etc.) to promote listings that would organically be shown to the user, which guarantees that the promoted results shown to a user is going to be relevant to their search.

Brist handles the following components of the promotions process:

  1. Ad Auction Infrastructure
  2. Tracking Metrics (CTR, CPM, etc.)
  3. Advertiser Dashboards

As a developer, your responsibilities include:

  1. Querying the Brist API to run the ad auctions
  2. Providing an API that Brist can use to access a list of products for sale
  3. Using Brist.js to record ad clicks and other events.

Once these components are set up, you'll be able to create a high-quality promotion system that will allow advertisers to improve discoverability, while continuing to surface relevant and timely information to the users of your marketplace.

Brist offers both GraphQL and REST endpoints (the REST API is documented on this website). At this time, the GraphQL support is comprehensive, while the REST support is restricted to POST endpoints.