Get Product Metadata Endpoint Schema

The get products endpoint needs to respond to a GET request, and has the following request schema.

URL Parameters



id string

The product ID

The response should be in a JSON format, and successful requests should return a 200 status code.



id string

An identifier for the product.

image_url string

An image to use as a thumbnail when advertisers are selecting the products to promote. Should be at least 256x256 if possible, otherwise the image may be scaled up.

name string

The name of the product.

description string

A longer description of the product.

quantity integer

The number of products that are available. If this is 0, no ads will be shown by default.

metadata map<string, string>

Any additional metadata you have on the product, specified as key value pairs. Brist can use these pieces of metadata to improve targeting -- you can indicate the important pieces of metadata on the dashboard or during onboarding.

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