Using Brist's Full-Stack Dashboard/Payouts

Brist can be configured to be a fully featured advertising system, including allowing advertisers to pay and set up ad campaigns directly from a Brist-managed dashboard. In order to set Brist up to do this, you must first configure payout details, then create Brist-managed ad accounts, and finally create links to allow your advertisers to automatically view their Brist dashboard (no password required!)

1. Setting up Payouts

Brist partners with Stripe Connect to charge and payout advertising revenue from advertisers. Unfortunately, due to regulations around handling Credit Card data, if you choose to manage payouts with Brist, you will not be able to share payment information that you already have on file with us in order to bill for ads. If this is the type of workflow you wish to support (invoicing customers with an existing payment method), you can instead query Brist for invoices on a regular cadence. That way, you can bill your customers using your existing payment systems, while maintaining the convenience of a white-labelled dashboard. By default, new accounts are set up without payment support, please contact support to get set up with our Stripe connect integration.

"title": "2. Create Links to the Brist Dashboard"

Use the Get Dashboard Link API to create short lived links to allow advertisers to access their dashboard. Once used, advertisers will be able to access their dashboards unless they have a period of 10 minutes of inactivity. At that point, their access will expire, and you'll have to re-authorize their access by creating a new temporary link. On their dashboard, advertisers can enter payment information, and create ad units, so make sure that you're securely generating these links to prevent possible abuse.